Offers and Promos

Currently Catskiing Canada re-posts most offers/ promotions and news on Twitter. If you follow us there your likely to catch anything last minute or from most operators in Canada in our feed.

For the Snowboarders we have a Catboarding Twitter Feed:

$299/Seat Limited offer!
$299/Seat Limited offer!

FWA has a amazing deal for only $299/per person a Day from Dec.14-19! See the #Chewbaccaland edit at:

IF your looking for a specific offer or  want assistance you can email


4 thoughts on “Offers and Promos

    1. HI Justin,

      How many people? Do you have dates? I am sure there can be something worked out- it typically depends on the time of year (availibility)and which operation.

      Do you have some general background info?


    2. 4500/day for 12 pers mid-Jan to mid-Mar, 3990 if 3 days or more.
      3500/day for 12 pers before or after then, 3250 if 3 days or more.
      If there’s enough good snow before Christmas can be talked into 2400/day

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