Episode1: Monashee Powder

Episode 1 / Monashee Powder

PowderGuides 2013 Series / Monashee Powder Snowcats
Located: Cheryville B.C.

Monashee Powder Snowcats is one place that we love to go every year. Not just for the snow but we seriously are sore from laughing with our friends at this dreamy backcountry location. This is just a taste of our experience with them last season.

Filmed: Dec.2012
Film Crew /Catskiing Canada

Editing/ Scott Martin / Laundromat Studios
Kevin Hagell
Colleen Gentemann
Adam Laurin
Adam Elliott
Scott Martin

Brad- 20th Century

Special Thanks
Carolyn & Tom Morgan
Gary Morgan
Chris Bouchard
Ken Bibby
Nichole & Kate
All the Staff & Guests

2013 Laundromat Studios
Powder Guides / Catskiing TV

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