About Catskiing Canada

Powder to the People
Powder to the People

What is Catskiing Canada?
We are a professional volunteers who come together and endeavor to share our love for the backcountry with traditional and non-traditional media.
As athletes we love to ride the powder, and as professionals we each bring a talent to the crew whether it’s filming / photography or editing.

Founded by Scott Martin 7 years ago as a enthusiast who wanted to blend his love for powder in the
backcountry with testing and experimenting with non traditional media as a way of developing loyal
This experiment was simple. Do the opposite of what traditionally is done to market an industry/and
operator or a company. Typically, they have a brand, a business and then they go out and try to build
an audience to come to theyr property or business. What we founded our non profit organization on a
few simple simple concepts.
-Be passionate about getting amazing content.
-Earn loyal subscribers one post at a time and one person at a time.
-Make a difference to the bottom line of the operators we work with by introducing their product to the world.
-Build a captive audience interested in 100% exclusive backcountry cat content.
-Be Genuine and authentic in all our media and our efforts to bring our audience the most exceptional content we can.
-Always be re-inventing and not afraid to take risks and try new things and approaches to content creation


One thought on “About Catskiing Canada

  1. Hey I stumbled across this site in doing some research for work, and I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a great blog. It’s rare to see a commercial breakoff deliver such relevant and compelling content. If there is any way I can help, let me know, I love what you guys are doing.



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