Catskiing News / Selkirk Wilderness Skiing- New ownership Change


Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 1.01.47 PM Yesterday we did a interview with Brenda Drury and the new owners of Selkirk Wilderness for the Calgary Herald

“When Allan passed away in 2008 I knew this was going to be a challenging process (running the business) and eventually selling the business. I have so much vested over the last 39 years of memories and relationships with guests/community and staff that I will miss their warm friendships on a daily basis.” – Brenda Drury

Photo: Steve Shannon
Photo: Steve Shannon


“I am so excited about carrying forward the legacy and traditions built by Allan and Brenda Drury. Nothing made Allan happier than introducing a guest to epic pow for the first time or encouraging a new guest to challenge themselves and push their limits both on and off the snow. Both Scott and I have experience bringing first time guest to Selkirk and the sheer joy written on their faces is what makes this new venture so rewarding and exciting for us.” – Paul Osak


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