Powder Guides 2014 / Mustang Powder

Cory seriously charging….Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Each trip we meet and connect with the staff and specifically our guides. This is one of the really fantastic aspects of Catskiing.

 Cory Boschman our guide during our stay at Mustang Powder was heartwarming funny and quietly charges powder lines without much fan fare.

“Its not just the powder you enjoy but the people that you meet and the stories you share that really make the experience memorable.”

We have been developing a series called “Powder Guides”  which shares the stories from characters like Cory telling their stories and backgrounds.

These characters and their unique reasons and desire to work in the backcountry is one of the things that keeps us so captivated with the culture of Catskiing.

Photo: Steve Dutcheshen
Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Cory not shy hucking or taking a aggressive pillow line in between his guiding duties.

Unlike our animated, boisterous crew (we would scream and yell down the mountain.. claiming runs) he could be spotted skiing and blazing pow turns with a quiet grin.


We look forward to telling his story and sharing more on Mustang Powder in the coming months.

Bottom line is we hit jackpot working with a level headed guide who made our trip very memorable.

We know that as a film crew, its not easy dealing with our requests (such as only red m’m’s in our lunches)

So when we called “Last Run”and then changed our minds…

Cory and Nick didn’t even flinch.

Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Almost last run Photo: Steve Dutcheshen

Well we could not help ourselves….

So we squeaked 2 more….

Big thank you to all the Mustang crew!


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