PURE POWDER STOKE / Mustang Powder Catskiing

Leah Evans charging at Mustang Powder / Photo; Steve Dutchensen

We had an incredible 3 days of filming up at Mustang Powder Catskiing located just outside of Revelstoke. This operation tends to “Sell out” each season and when we got the call to get an opportunity to film up there, we were pretty pumped.

Kyle at work / Photo: Steve Dutchensen

With us we brought our veteran photographer Kyle Hamilton who heads up our photography program, and our newest photo team member Steve Dutchensen a serious up and coming photographer who is one of the most stoked guys you will ever meet.

Rob watching from the Cat / Photo: Steve Dutchensen
Rob watching from the Cat / Photo: Steve Dutchensen

Our trip would not have happened without Rob. He was our host and the operations G.M. working closely with Nick to ensure guest experience and all the lodge logistics runs smoothly.

Again, all our crew extends a big thanks to all the guests and staff we met up at Mustang Powder…. stay tuned for some pretty sweet footage from our trip. In case you missed our fun little edit that Mikel Witlox put together, complete with original audio from Adam Laurin… it pretty much sums up our trip! Lots of Laughs!

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