Skeena Catskiing / Day in the life

Skeena Catskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton

In the Backcountry everthing is more effort. Fueling up the Cats sometimes requires a bit of logistics.

It often goes unnoticed by guests the backdrop of people who make a day of Catskiing happen.

And when you get to be part of the “Expedition” side of things or at least watching your “powder sherpas” at work..

Well it just makes a day of dropping deep turns that much more harmonious.

Catskiing Canada @ Skeena Catskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton

You realize that all the effort that goes into that moment or moments of powder riding/skiing deepens the appreciation…

For the people who’s life’s direction is to make your day happen.

And your all in it together sharing an amazing day in the mountains.

Usually all the thanks they want is to see your smiling faces blabbing on about how stoked you are…

But sometimes they deserve to be recognized and thanked so with that..

Thanks to all the staffers, guides, drivers, mechanics, cooks, chefs, cleaners and everyone else I missed.

You are musicians to my soul and could not play without you.

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