3,000 Reasons to say thank you!


Today Catskiing Canada on Facebook has reached 3,000 Likes.

After several years of posting 1,000’s of postings and photos we are really starting to get a fantastic following of people who love the mountains and powder.  We can not thankyou enough or thank all the people that have made this happen.

My list of thankyou’s starts with the 3,000 people who clicked and have given me their permission to share the world of Catskiing in Canada and our crews adventures. We will always treat your subscribing with us as something to continue to earn each day with each post.

To the Catskiing Operators themselves, the owners/ guides and all the staff that host us.  Seriously.. this has been the best pow ride of our lives, without you this could not happen. We appreciate how much you put into creating unique experiences for your guests and we are going to continue to strive to share your story in unique compelling and innovative ways.

To my Catskiing Crew.  The photographers, the riders, the team.. I love you guys.

And finally big call out to a few of the people who have been dedicated to our cause since the beginning I owe it all to you.

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

Colleen Gentemann / Photographer &  Director of Videography  “This girl is tough as nails and as sweet as Monashee’s deserts. She was the first to join the crew and has been responsible for more keyboards being ruined from people drooling over her powder photos and videos then anyone I know.”

Kyle Hamilton
Photo: Dylan Page / Chatter Creek

Kyle Hamilton / Director of Photography  “The man with a big heart and smile to match his size, its utterly amazing how many killer photos this guy snaps and it happens so fast  we barely even realize we are filming half the time, oh  and he can rip ski’s too”

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

Adam Laurin / President & Co-Founder  “One of the funniest and raddest guys you will ever meet.  Part businessman, part promoter, part entertainer, part athlete and a whole lotta smarts, Adam sets the pace for fun and athleticism in the crew. IF your not sore from charging and keeping up with him, then your at least gonna have side and face ache from laughing – he is one of a kind.”

Photo: Kyle Hamilton / Skeena Catskiing

Adam Elliott / Team Manager & Athlete  “Better known as Larry in fact his Instagram is called YouCanCallMeLarry which is poetic for one of the mellowest / happiest / hippest guys in snowboarding. There is two words that I think everyone would describe him infectious personality  is: Perpetually Stoked”

Thanks to all of you….

scott_martin Signature

Scott Martin


Catsking Canada


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