New Era in Powder Marketing

I had a interesting interaction with someone who thinks they are the authority on marketing the Catskiing & Heliskiing Industry.

By interesting, I mean they sent me a nasty email scoffing they felt it was “lame substitute” that I use Instagram for sharing photos for the operators.

Well… hate to break it to ya buddy… Welcome to the new Era of Marketing.. where you need to evolve or perhaps just accept that some people get information differently. For the record-  Instagram is fast becoming a one of the most powerful content tools for marketers and for the Catskiing Industry its a home run to help them connect to their customers effectively.

The fact is that we all love powder and we are rapidly moving to use our mobile devices for everything- including powder content.  I like to think of myself as a “Stoke Dealer” and this is a new way to get some distribution to people who need their powder fix.

And if you don’t use Instagram.. Twitter or Facebook? Who cares.. The point is everyone uses technology differently, and the people are getting savy with how and who they invest their time and what they subscribe to. I treat every LIKE to one of my channels as a privilege to share this amazing thing called Catskiing.

I used to run a marketing agency focused on driving results for clients and I am pushing into new terrain… finding ways to connect with the most amazing people who share our passion for the mountains. As such I put all my energy into how I can bring value to the Operators and to the people who I am so lucky that they have hit the LIKE button. I treat their following me with great care that I want to work hard at continuing to earn their support. I think of them as friends to be honest.

And I hit DISLIKE on all people who put their heads in the snow drifts… While your complaining- we are getting powder and stoking our friends.

P.S. – You should get on Instagram.. its awesome.



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