CATSKIING TV / Valhalla Powder Snowcats / Nelson BC

www.catskiing.tvValhalla Powder Snowcats Season Opener Video! CLICK HERE

valhalla powdercats Season Opener Video

“Located deep in the heart of the legendary Selkirk Mountains, Valhalla Powdercats invites you to come and be professionally guided through a diverse and engaging mix of big mountain terrain. Our tenure is six times the size of Whistler and Blackcomb combined, offering seasoned skiers a hearty selection of high alpine bowls, steep, old-growth forests, and endless, untracked Kootenay powder all day long. Expect zero line ups, and the sweetest, deepest, white gold, you will ever have the good fortune to sink into.” – Valhalla Website
“We have filmed at Valhalla Powder Snowcats and during our filming we experienced some amazing terrain from great chutes to tree n glade skiing and just a diversity of areas. We are stoked to get back and ski/ride n film again!” – CATSKIING CANADA

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