CATSKIING CANADA @ Selkirk Wilderness Skiing / Busting Powder Balls


Catskiing Canada was @ Selkrik Wilderness Skiing this past season and without a doubt had a blast.


Photo: David Couse / Catskiing Canada

CATSKIING CANADA was filming for The Powder Guides Show at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing / Meadow Creek

BUSTING POWDER BALLS- is a mini video project that just highlights how much fun at SWS there is to be had during your Catskiing Experience.

Audio 1: Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management / UNKLE
Song 1: Shined on Jagger (Dj’s from Mars Bootleg Remix)

Photos: David Couse
Filmed & Edited: Scott Martin
Produced: SDMG / Laundromat Studios /


Special Thanks to: Marcus Gurske / Irene / Kate / Russ / Melissa / Scott / Kevin/ John / Ian / Joe Schwartz / TheDrurys / Jason Remple / and all the amazing staff and guests that joined us at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing.

Photo: David Couse

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