PURE POWDER STOKE / Chatter Creek / Golden

Richard Permin @ Chatter Creek / Photo: Eric Berger

When we got the word that this season we were going to be filming at Chatter Creek located just outside of Golden..

Well needless to say we are pumped.  Just look at this photo and it gets your heart racing with adrenaline thinking about it.

The best way to describe their terrain.. well until we get up there is having Chatter give you the description:

“Chatter Creek’s cat skiing and cat boarding terrain extends over 238 square kilometers and consists of tree runs, old burns, wide open alpine areas and glacier skiing. Our Vertebrae Glacier is one of the most outstanding glacier skiing experiences in the world! Few cat skiing operations have access to such an incredible wonder! Guests enjoy runs of up to 2500′ of uninterrupted vertical descent while enjoying the most amazing views of the Sullivan fault, the Clemenceau glacier and Mt. Columbia! The turn around times for pick up are extremely fast as the road glides through the glacier, and before you make it to the bottom, our cat operator is ready to take you up for yet another outstanding run. On a beautiful day, to ski the Vertebrae Glacier brings new meaning to the “mountain high” experience” – from http://www.Chattercreek.ca website
With a description like that… combined with this photo.. I am wiping the drool off my keyboard as I type.



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