PURE POWDER STOKE / Selkirk Wilderness / Meadow Creek

Every Catskiing day starts with Breakfast.

At Selkirk the stoke started with what I am sure is one of the best Eggs Benny ever ingested.

Catskiing Canada @ Selkirk Wilderness
Photo: David Couse
Eggs Benny at Selkrik Wilderness
Photo: David Couse

The Staff at Selkirk are like watching a bee hive in the summer…. people everywhere… seems chaotic.

However its far from disorganized- its harmony that delivered everyone in short order hot and amazing start to our powder day!

Selkirk Wilderness getting ready
Photo: David Couse

While your digesting your food… the cats turn around a ridge to catch a glimpse of what our morning lines might be looking like.

Catskiing Canada @ Selkrirk Wilderness
Photo: David Couse

Needless to say… by first turns we just digested our breakfast.. Just in time for us to stuff our faces with powder!

Scott Martin powering a turn
Catskiing Canada / Scott Martin / Photo: David Couse

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