Stepping out
The lovely Victoria stepping outside of the box / Photo: Nick Nault

After watching Baldface’s Supernatural on NBC and inspired by the athletes who ripped all those sick lines… I felt like Catskiing just was put on the world’s stage. For many this is exciting especially if your in the “industry” however there is a drawback.. the world is gonna come knocking.

As a stoked partipant of this amazing industry and the incredible lucky journey I have been blessed with being part of. This is the end of the season really- and sadly the snow is still there big time to be had. Both events timing has given birth to an idea.

I am looking to you the community to tell me if  this big idea is a worthy endeavor.

But before I get tot his big idea… Let me just say… There is still tons of Catskiing to be had, however most operations are running very light by this time if not shut down. Who better than the local community to take advantage of this amazing time to be in the backcountry.

Most visitors from outside of our borders come to Catski in Jan/Feb and don’t realize that its insane in Spring. This means there is alot of demand for seats in those 2 months and most owners have a narrow window to make their money. Folks these people put their lives on the line and really dont do it for the money.. they do it because they love sharing the backcountry with you. After all my interviews and meeting owners this is a common message I heard.

As an advocate for the operators to help them right business to grow and reinvest to keep this amazing epicenter of stoke going.  The gap is between the price of Catskiing going up and up to meet growing demand which is fair for the owners but there is always a concern that the locals pay the price , and have really been there when they have needed support. The local community is everything- because Catskiing is an expression of our mountain communities.

So lets step outside of the box here a bit.. I have an idea so Locals can take maintain manageable costs to enjoy their local Catskiing Operation and allow Catskiing Operators to make their need $- AND make the season go just a bit longer.. when it counts.. Spring.

Introducing The Catskiing Insider:  (this is just the Twitter account for the moment) What we at Catskiing Canada are developing an opt in database of Local residents of AB/BC where you give some information about your ability and such so we can match the ride skier/rider to the right Catskiing operation at the right time.. and at the right price.

The local deal would need to be respectful of visitors who paid full fare for their Catskiing visit- the simple explanation is that locals all get access to local specials.

This model exists in Hawaii, its called Kama’aina where you get local rates- since everything is very pricey it helps the local population enjoy the same excursions without the big ticket price and its seemed to work.

In effect.. this keeps Catskiing accessible to locals for a reasonable price- and allows the operators a venue to send offers without devaluing the price of their seats.

In this new technology age its not difficult to implement.  As CEO of agency SDMG we have been working with operators and the industry on creative marketing concepts- treating each Catskiing destination as a unqiue individual experience with its own attributes that are unlike any other.  I find it a bit strange when someone asks me what is the best Catskiing company do I recommend.. its like asking a surfer what surf spot should I go to? There is just too many questions that need to be answered first before making a match.

Yours truly back in the day living / surfing in Hawaii

Think match.com for powder n price. So I open it to all of you.. What do you think? Do you have any ideas to help me with this approach? We will be making a formal launch shortly complete with website and supporting materials soon- however I just want to put it out there.. now that all of you are starting to hang up the gear.. before you tap out for the winter.. one more thing…Help me.

This is no Joke- its the biggest April fools joke that few are riding the powder still..

Lets not let this magical thing called Catskiing be something only accessible to a wealthy few.

Scott Martin/ Catskiing Canada /CEO SDMG

Send your thoughts to scott@sdmg.ca



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