Retallack Lodge Catskiing- Get your fix off the grid

Off the Grid and on the powder….

We caught up with Phil from Retallack Lodge with a few questions..

Phil just shredding more than paper at the office.

Phil, Can you tell us a little bit about your background & what you do (besides ski) at Retallack?

I worked in Advertising in Toronto until I was 24. Made a lifestyle change and moved to Nelson to take Ski Resort Operations and Management. Got placed at Retallack. Was GM for 4 years. Put a group together and purchased the operation 5 years ago. Still GM – Sales, marketing, PR, and Troubleshoot just about everything while operating.

Phil's marketing handywork

Where is Retallack Lodge Located?

In between Kaslo and New Denver on Hwy 31a. Heart of the Selkirks. 40ft + annually. We have a variety of terrain. Steep, falline, mostly treed, gladed. Advanced/expert, skiing and snowboarding. 10,000 acres of terrain for 24 people.

What makes Retallack Lodge unique as a Catskiing destination?

Drive to facility, state of the art lodge, known for relaxing vibe and attention to client needs. Off grid energy. 4 star eco-rating.

Tell us a little bit about the new movie with Tanner Hall?

Tanner Hall, John Spriggs, Provo Brothers, Henrik Winstaud, Phil Cassabon, and Ben Moxam. The concept is the Lodge and Tanner comeback from injury. It’s aimed at any powder hound in North America and Europe who appreciates powder and back country culture.

Tough day filming.... Photo: Chad Spector

What were some of the challenges and/or cool things that were unexpected while filming?

There weren’t challenges beyond the norm of skiing in the back country. No pressure was put on Inspired media or the athletes. We just wanted these kids to relax and do what they do best within the confines of our safety crew. It was shredding – and there happened to be cameras around to catalog the athleticism.

Photo: Chad Spector

Retallack has a strong following in the elite ski circles, how is the terrain for snowboarders?

I would consider it some of the best terrain around for advanced and expert snowboarders. The terrain is long, fall line, and heavy with features that shredders like to ride. There are no benches to get caught on and traverse. I would qualify it as a snowboarder paradise – we just happen to have a lot of Freeskiers hanging out with us. DCP and the Absynth crew ride here a lot. They don’t seem to have any problems with it.

What is new at Retallack this season?

Lot’s of new gladed terrain. New cat boxes – primo state of the art. The big move this season was dropping a new 12 person commercial hot tub in the woods. If you like to soak after a shred – we are your best bet.

Photo: Chad Sepctor

Where do you think the Catskiing Industry is heading in terms of future experience or offerings?

I would like to think there is a bright future for cat shredding. You just have to know what your looking for to find the offerings that suit you. Older operations such as Retallack have had the time to understand the experience and work towards getting that experience dialed. Cat shredding is the constant – the operations are apples and oranges.

The Future.. Photo: Chad Spector

After a day of Catskiing.. typically what does a guest experience?

When you ski down to the lodge – a fire, cold beer, appetizer’s, and a Neglin Stump confront before you step into the lodge. Once in the lodge – a drying room, an epic hot tub, sauna, massage therapy center, game’s room, media center, 3 story granite fireplace, licensed bar, gourmet meal, and beautiful hostess’ await you. Basically – ski culture at its finest slaps you in the face. It can’t be beat.

Photo: Chad Spector

In a few words.. What is Catskiing to you?

I think I can speak for the entire Retallack Team and say – that if we didn’t all work in the industry… we would be working are asses off to participate as clients to get the goods. Powder is a passion that can’t be ignored.

Photo: Chad Spector

Editors comment: I couldn’t agree more to the “Powder is a passion that cannot be ignored” We will be on site filming at Retallack and stay tuned for some photos and videos!

One thought on “Retallack Lodge Catskiing- Get your fix off the grid

  1. I met Phil 2 1/2 years ago at our off season hobby playing disc golf. Great guy with a boisterous character. I am currently working my ass off so I may one day reconnect with Phil at Retallack! For now I will shred some hero pow at Revy for my regular fix. I fyou have the oppurtunity to meet Phil, reflect and be thankful for the path your life has taken!
    Corey from the Shuswap

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