WTF is Catskiing?

Is Catskiing in your Future?
CATSKIING CANADA filming a Monashee Powder Snowcats / Photo: Colleen Gentemann

Its astonishing how many skiers/riders who don’t really know what Catskiing is.

Which is fine… for the few of us that take advantage of this amazing experience that allows us to come together in groups of 12 or so to explore about the same terrain to ourselves as the average ski hill. No rush to the first chair, no local experience required to get the “stash”.  We the people who choose to invest our time wisely to just cut to the chase.. and focus on one thing.. riding fresh tracks all day long.

Its really just about you…Initially. Your turns. Your line.

Then you think back to the day afterward and realize…You have a bond with 12 people (if you came up alone) whom you have never met. And yeah I remember the turns and the amazing days.. but I am surprised how much I am stoked on the fact that I shared a day and we all were having a ski/snowboard “career” changing experience.  I have lost track of how many people have proclaimed “This is the best day of my life”.

The one thing that seems to be a truth… “You go up as strangers on the first run… and go down the run as instant friends”

Catskiing Canada crew filming at K3 / Photo: Lisa Dawn Gover

At the bottom of a juicy run.. this truth is revealed.  Before Catskiing I do not recall hugging or doing a high five with someone I met only an hour before and instantly knew we were experiencing the same thing. The stoke bond. Its the coolest thing.

I am not going to give a detailed description of the Cat and how it charges to the top of each run.. part jeep and part limo. The amount of side aches from guide jokes or stories shared each ride to the top..sipping hot chocolate while clearing your goggles and gear of faceshot snow that is melting. Giving your powder legs a quick rest for prime time – your next drop

Never mind the fact that your entire day is being lead by safe and knowledgeable professionals, dedicated to finding the next best line for that moment.. just for you.

“How do I explain the experience of dead silence of the mountain and the gentle swoosh sound of a group moving thru the powder, only following a guides yodle.”

How do I explain meeting distinguished businessmen and women from around the world.. hooting and yelling like little school children… as they make their way down a pillow line….WTF is that?

Its Catskiing.

Its simply a transformation of your deepest fluffiest dreams. Not the same as earning your turns and doing a boot pack- Its more like a big dessert you indulge in. (only its really good for you) its a moment you reward your soul to recharge- to engage and ultimately become unstuck in your everyday life so you can repeat the feeling and share the stoke with others.

To me anyway… that is Catskiing.

WTF is Catskiing to you?


Catskiing Canada


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