CATSKIING CANADA @ Powder Mountain / Whistler

Throwing down
CATSKIING CANADA filming @ Powder Mountain / Photo: Mike Crane

Powder Mountain Catskiing last year introduced Heliskiing as part of their all you can eat powder Buffet. No surprise.. when you take a good look around at their

terrain. The one thing that struck me was..that I felt like I was heli skiing..or at least what the drops must be like…

With the cypress area (one of 3 areas you catski at Powder Moutain) runs ranging from 1500 to 3800 vertical feet? (Leg bagging bombers)

Each time we arrive at Powder Mountain we are blown away at the amount of snow this place gets. The terrain from wide open powder fields to pillow drops to great lane ways thru the trees.

When you work/film or ski/snowboard at this place.. you really gotta work on your big pow turns. Everyone has a signature throw down.. We felt like we were praising the powder gods who seemed to smile upon us.  When we asked the guides if this was epic conditions. they shrugged and said.. “Oh it gets better”.. This is a must do destination for the faithful few who make this place their winter pilgrimage.

The faithful @Powder Mountain/ Photo: Mike Crane

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