This isn’t hype.. its the combination of perfect timing and total vision meeting peak talent….

With one of the most epic winters, working with Catskiing/Heliskiing leading creative marketers…

Not to mention capturing top athletes in the most stunning backdrops at Island Lake Lodge/Mica Heli

With Award winning Filmakers…..( All.I.Can won the award for BEST DOCUMENTARY and MOST INNOVATIVE VISUAL FX at IF3 International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal)

This is showcasing in the best possible light.. One of the best experiences any skier/snowboarder can TASTE/SMELL/FEEL..  and that is Catskiing & Heliskiing..

This movie.. Tastes/ Smells and Feels like.. I can’t wait for winter.

On set of “All I Can” / Photo: Mike Mcphee

Here is a little taster of the movie from the   Sherpas Cinema & Island Lake Lodge / Mica Heli.

Stay tuned for our interview with Malcom Sangster and Mike Mcphee on this project and the upcoming video production for Island Lake Lodge Catskiing called “Balance of Powder”


And just in case you didn’t already catch the original…


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