CATSKIING CANADA @ White Grizzly Adventures :: Meadow Creek BC

A sleepy town called Meadow Creek is home to a Catskiing operation which inspires your powder dreams into a true backcountry experience.

This is….. White Grizzly Adventures.

White Grizzly Adventures / Photo: Lisa Dawn PhotographyCatskiing Canada shooting @ White Grizzly / Photo: Lisa Dawn Photography

Most skiers dream of a untouched slope to call their own, to carve their turns and have the feeling that only comes to those who make first tracks.  North of Nelson BC Canada quietly tucked away from the spot light of the growing Catskiing Industry is a very little known spot to the masses called White Grizzly.

In experienced ski circles someone will have heard of someone who has skied there, and their tall tales of steep, long powder runs – as we would soon discover were more than slightly understated. When we got the call to film at White Grizzly it felt like we were going to be on an expedition on Discovery Channel to find the rare White Grizzly itself.

Photo Scott Martin

The owners Brad and Carole Karafil are not your typical Catskiing Operators. For starters this happy go lucky couple are all business when it comes to safety / details and doubly serious about getting as much vertical each day that they can. ( For their guests.. and they seem to get alot of turns in too)

Brad leading guest thru the spaces between the steep trees not far from a den where a real grizzly was hibernating.

Once in a while you feel like taking a few minutes just look around you and marvel at the view- and digest that you are close to nothing and far from everything.

White Grizzly / Photo: Lisa Dawn PhotographyJust another stunning view at White Grizzly / Photo: Lisa Dawn Photography

More coverage of this little gem of a Catskiing Operation coming out later this fall…

Video of the Drive to Meadow Creek

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